Xamarin Support

Xamarin allows you to create apps on Android, iOS and UWP devices using the popular language C# through native UIs. This ensures a great user experience for customers and simplifies the development and design process for developers. We support Xamarin through MobilePDF SDK.

Xamarin and MobilePDF SDK

MobilePDF SDK is a Rapid Development Kit (RDK) which allows your development team to quickly integrate PDF technology in an app through using an intuitive user interface (UI). When designing and building an app, one development environment may be preferred over another. If the environment favoured is Xamarin, you can implement MobilePDF SDK with Xamarin through a binding library to work seamlessly with existing code and functionality within the application.

Using MobilePDF SDK with Xamarin

Foxit already have an extensive PDF library built for C#. When developing our Xamarin support we pulled from this library to create an integration with MobilePDF SDK that is easy and thorough. We are constantly making sure that our product supports provide the most coverage of features and functionality as possible.

Get the most complete set of features and functionalites with a UI that halves your development time. Foxit goes above and beyond to give customers the most up-to-date technology. This means that, with MobilePDF SDK, you can view, search, edit, annotate, and sign PDFs, as well as fill out forms and attach files with very little difficulty.

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