Develop a full-fledged PDF Viewer for browser environments, all with Javascript. Migrate from PDF.js and experience native-like performance.

Cordova plug-in

Build native mobile (iOS, Android and UWP) apps with HTML, CSS & JS. Target multiple platforms with one code base on MobilePDF SDK.

Xamarin plug-in

Build and deploy native Android, iOS and Windows apps, using existing skills, teams, and code in C# with MobilePDF SDK.

Kotlin Support

Develop Android applications using MobilePDF SDK in Kotlin. Designed to work using Java, MobilePDF SDK can easily be integrated into your development process when working with Kotlin.

GDPR Compliance

Full-text search sensitive customer data across your database, redact it, delete it or compile it into a report you can then deliver to the customer or the authorities in no time. Leverage the power of PDF metadata to save time in your process.