Foxit PDF Viewer for .NET SDK

Embed PDF Viewer into any .NET WinForm Application

Foxit PDF Viewer for .NET SDK is a .NET library where developers can embed the customizable .NET control into any .NET WinForm application. This allows developers to no longer have to rely on external viewers for displaying or interacting with PDF documents. Built on the Foxit PDF rendering engine, it provides proven efficiency and reliability.

Foxit PDF Viewer for .NET SDK is very easy to use – after adding the Viewer control to the form, use the following C# or VB.NET code to open a PDF from a file path.

C# Code:
1: pdfViewer.Open(@”C:\\\\DocumentA.pdf”);

VB.NET Code:
1: pdfViewer.Open(“C:\\\\DocumentA.pdf”)

Foxit PDF Viewer for .NET SDK is available in two licenses based upon distribution. The Standard Developer License (100 Distributions) allows one developer to distribute the combined application to up to 100 machines. The Standard Developer License (Unlimited Distributions) allows one developer to distribute the combined application to an unlimited number of machines. The assemblies can easily be deployed with another application using XCOPY or a setup program. One developer license is required for each developer using the product.

Foxit PDF for .NET SDK Integration
If you are already using any of our other great Foxit PDF for .NET SDK products or if you plan to in the future, you can rest assured that Foxit PDF Viewer for .NET SDK will work seamlessly with all our other Foxit PDF for .NET SDK products.


Foxit PDF SDK 7.2 comes with major enhancements to our PDF optimization add-on, support for adding a header and footer to PDF documents, additional parameters for retrieving digital signatures directly from a PDF stream, XFA improvements and much more.

On the mobile side, we have added a new scanning add-on module, new form fields support with AcroForm, UI level support for “save as” and “reduce file size” options, plugin improvements to Xamarin, Cordova, React Native, Kotlin and Flutter, as well as brand new demos to get the most of PDF SDK.

For the Web viewer, we have added multiple performance enhancements, including a new worker thread to reduce the viewer initialization time. When loading the resources to display the file, it checks if your PDF is linearized and automatically triggers an asynchronous file loading mode for faster loading times.


  • Display a PDF from File or Byte Array
  • Open a Password Protected/Encrypted PDF
  • Display Without Toolbars
  • Customize the Viewing Window
  • Display Form Field Content (Flattens Fields)
  • Navigate to specific Pages
  • Control Page Zoom and Viewable Area
  • Navigate Forward and Back
  • Retrieve Outlines (Bookmarks)
  • Search and Highlight Keywords
  • Print a PDF
  • Retrieve Document Permissions
  • Retrieve Page Count
  • Retrieve Document Properties (Title, Author, Keywords, etc.)
  • Retrieve the current View and retain it later
  • Able to track Pages and its position in display
  • Independent toolbar and bookmarks/navigation panel control
  • Zoom to selected area (Marquee Zoom)
  • Change units of measurement
  • Print selected area of a page
  • Show/hide Viewer status bar


Foxit PDF Viewer for .NET SDK is a great value. For larger quantities, please contact at or by calling +1-866-680-3668.

Foxit provides email and phone support. Support can be contacted through or by calling +1-866-MYFOXIT or +1-866-693-6948.