PDF Viewer for .NET SDK

PDF Viewer for .NET SDK allows .NET developers to display and interact with PDF files. Foxit PDF Viewer for .NET SDK is a .NET library where developers can embed the customizable .NET control into any .NET WinForm application. This allows developers to no longer have to rely on external viewers for displaying or interacting with PDF documents. Built on the Foxit PDF rendering engine, it provides proven efficiency and reliability.

PDF Merger for .NET SDK

For any .NET application (using C# or VB.NET), PDF Merger for .NET SDK allows .NET developers merge, stamp, append, form fill, flatten, encrypt, rotate, scale, split and do so much more to any existing PDF document. Use an entire PDF document or just specific PDF pages. Add content to existing PDF pages or create new pages from scratch. This SDK allows the developer to use an object model that is intuitive and easy to learn yet very flexible.

PDF Generator for .NET SDK

Foxit PDF Generator for .NET SDK allows developers to add PDF generation to any .NET application (C# or VB.NET). It is an award-winning product used for the real-time creation of PDF documents based on dynamic data. PDF documents can be generated straight to a web form, file, byte array, or System.IO.Stream object. The assembly is 100% managed and uses only safe code. The object model is powerful, intuitive, and easy to learn.

PDF Print Manager for .NET SDK

Foxit PDF Print Manager for .NET SDK is an easy to use .NET library (C# or VB.NET) for sending PDF documents to a physical printer. Any .NET application can manage print jobs, verify printer settings, and handle successful or unsuccessful prints all within an easy to use API.

PDF Rasterizer for .NET SDK

Foxit PDF Rasterizer for .NET SDK is an easy to use .NET library (C# or VB.NET) which allows .NET developers to convert PDF files to image files.