Foxit PDF SDK ActiveX

Instantly add PDF Viewing to your ActiveX-based Windows apps. Get faster to market with our visual programming components. 

Product overview

PDF SDK ActiveX is ideal for product managers and developers who want an easy to use and a customizable visual component that they can simply drag and drop into their application to quickly create a PDF Viewing application without requiring any PDF expertise.

Small, fast, high-quality, full-featured PDF SDK

The Foxit PDF SDK ActiveX is a visual programming component that offers PDF display and annotation capabilities with minimal resource demand and small re-distribution size. It uses the same core technology as the popular and proven Foxit Reader; therefore, it can display PDF files quickly, accurately, and with high quality. Allowing an easy integration into a wide range of applications, it is designed for a broad spectrum of users who want to develop PDF display and annotation capabilities.


We now support iOS 13 Dark Mode and have added a number of UI level improvements, support to play and flatten sound annotations, functionality to manage trusted certificates for signatures and a synchronized update for Xamarin, Cordova, React Native, Kotlin and Flutter!

Foxit PDF SDK 7.1 for Windows, Mac & Linux comes with support for PDF compliance conversion to PDF versions 1.3-1.7, new performance-enhancing APIs for PDF merging, video/audio annotations, improvements to XFA form fields and much more.


Fast PDF rendering speed and accurate rendering quality

Less waiting time to read PDF documents. View PDF documents the way they were intended to be viewed: crisp, clear, and easy to read.

Fully native 64-bit support

Ensure faster, high-performance computing (HPC) that is more suited to a 64-bit architecture, as is found in many of large organizations. Still 32-bit compatible.

Multi-instance Support

Run multiple instances of ActiveX on a single system at the same time, so that applications can provide simultaneous views of multiple pages or display pages from multiple PDF documents at the same time.

PDF form element control

Add, delete, and set the properties of PDF form elements. Build your own PDF forms and distribute them to target recipients.

Fast PDF rendering speed and accurate rendering quality

Less waiting time to read PDF documents. View PDF documents the way they were intended to be viewed: crisp, clear, and easy to read.

Compatible with many programming languages

Conforms to the COM standard and can be easily used in C/C++, Visual Basic, .Net, Delphi, and other development tools that support COM components.

Digital signatures

Enable digital signatures in PDF documents using third-party digital certificates located in the Windows system certificate store. Verification, timestamp, print control and more.

Localizable UI

Supports global end users in 34 native desktop languages. Easily change the UI language by calling one function when the corresponding XML language file is placed in the same file path as Foxit PDF ActiveX SDK.

Complete PDF solution

No additional software required.

Multi-language support

Supports Western, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean (CJK) languages.

Professional customer support

Quick and accurate response provided by professional and experienced engineers.

Extensive PDF printing features

Manually adjust PDF printing options through a dialog window or preset these options and perform a silent print.

Image conversion

Convert images to PDF or export PDF to images in popular image file formats such as JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, GIF, and JPX.

PDF page organization

Insert (blank or from another document), delete, rotate, swap, flatten, crop and export pages.

Asynchronous operations

Simultaneously read and download PDF documents. For example, the first page of a large document can be displayed while the rest of the PDF is still being downloaded.


Operating Systems
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10