Foxit PDF SDK 7.2

Foxit PDF SDK 7.2 comes with major enhancements to our PDF optimization add-on, support for adding a header and footer to PDF documents, additional parameters for retrieving digital signatures directly from a PDF stream, XFA improvements and much more.

On the mobile side, we have added a new scanning add-on module, new form fields support with AcroForm, UI level support for “save as” and “reduce file size” options, plugin improvements to Xamarin, Cordova, React Native, Kotlin and Flutter, as well as brand new demos to get the most of PDF SDK.

For the Web viewer, we have added multiple performance enhancements, including a new worker thread to reduce the viewer initialization time. When loading the resources to display the file, it checks if your PDF is linearized and automatically triggers an asynchronous file loading mode for faster loading times.

New in PDF SDK 7.2

PDF optimization add-on

Our core technology file optimization functionality is gradually being exposed to the SDK to offer your applications additional compression options. This helps with reducing the size of your archives or enhancing performance. This functionality is available on both desktop and mobile (using the ‘Save As’ option).

This release brings the ability to perform the following optimization in your files:


General Cleanup:

  • Remove invalid links
  • Remove invalid bookmarks
  • Use Flate to encodes streams that are not encoded
  • In streams that use LZW encoding, use Flate instead


Discard Objects:

  • Discard all form submission, import and reset actions
  • Flatten form fields
  • Discard all JavaScript actions
  • Discard embedded page thumbnails
  • Discard embedded print settings
  • Discard bookmarks

Scanning files using PDF SDK for Android/iOS 

We have developed in-house technology to enable scanning functionality with our SDK. The scanning add-on uses Foxit’s high-quality rendering technology and applies automatic page detection, flash, color management and settings for measurements to bring camera captured documents into enterprise-quality PDFs.


For a detailed list of all PDF SDK 7.2 updates, check out our brand new changelog here.



We have upgraded PDF SDK for Android and all frameworks to AndroidX in version 7.2. The new class replaces and makes it easier to provide applications for multiple architectures and devices. More information here.

WKWebView class

PDF SDK for iOS has removed all instances of the recently deprecated UIWebView class, responsible for embedding web content into iOS mobile applications. The class has been replaced by the WKWebView class and our SDK supports the new format in its entirety. More information here.

AngularJS, React.js and Vue.js on PDF SDK for Web

With the official plugins for AngularJS, React.js and Vue.js frameworks in PDF SDK for Web, you have more reliable and consistently optimized plugins for your applications. The projects will be provided out-of-the-box in your download package. All of the new functionality available with our SDKs for these frameworks as well as sample code and demo projects will be developed and maintained in the official plugins, so make sure to evaluate and use those projects on your applications for easy version backward compatibility.


New documentation added to the main developer guides on the updated JavaScript that we support, as well as enhanced JavaScript instructions and many more updates to help you get started with customization are now available. View our updated documentation here.


We’ve created a changelog for PDF SDK that details the updates from 6.x onwards. Take a look at the changelog here.


We’ve added new demos on how to add a Qt view demo for C+ in Linux, info on the new PDF file optimization options, sample codes for rendering to DC and many more to show you how to get the most out of our new features. Download our SDK here and take a look.