Foxit PDF SDK 7.5

Foxit’s last release of 2020 comes with lots of new features and upgrades. With our desktop SDK, we’ve extended layout recognition support to now include Linux and Mac (as well as Windows), additional rich text support for free text annotations, HTML2PDF functionality now allows cookie loading straight from memory and many more upgrades.

On the mobile side of this release, you can now add languages with Android Xamarin with just 2 lines of code, autosave flags for automatically saving signed documents and loads of new demos for search, shapes, watermarks and image to PDF conversion to make your developing faster to market.

For our Web PDF library, we’ve added new features for annotations and forms including new classes PDFControl and Widget for controlling types and appearance, extended support for screen annotations and automatic calculations in form fields. Finally, we’ve also added CSV and TXT file format support for form importing and exporting.

New in PDF SDK 7.5

Layout Recognition Engine Extended to Mac and Linux (Windows too!)

Foxit PDF SDK now has one of the most advanced parts of Foxit’s document layout and recognition core engine, used by PhantomPDF’s accessibility functionality. The powerful layout recognition class scans your entire documents and outputs the content of all pages in a comprehensive structure accessible to your own application. Create workflows using the engine and maximize your application’s PDF processing potential now on Linux and Mac, as well as Windows.

New Web SDK Annotation Features 

We’ve added lots of new features to our Web SDK’s annotations including the ability to programmatically set screen annotation images, and to activate a specified annotation as well as undo/redo annotations with one call, enable/disable tooltips on hover and created a new event for watching annotation position changes. This new functionality will ensure you’re using the latest in PDF library technology for your project.

Toolbar Button Control using Android/iOS Cordova Plugin

New methods have been added to our Cordova plugin to hide/display your viewer’s toolbar menu buttons. Now you’re able to work on your Cordova project without any need to work on native code giving your more convenience and flexibility than before.

Add languages with Android Xamarin 

You can now add new languages when you use Xamarin with PDF SDK for Android (or iOS)! Simply add the following 2 lines of code to your project and you’re good to go:

Locale locale = new Locale(“sk”, “SK”);
Localization.SetCurrentLanguage(this, locale);

The languages you can add are almost limitless so download the latest repository today to get started.

For a detailed list of all PDK SDK 7.5 updates, check out our changelog here.


New Features Added to the Web Viewer's UI

‘Fit Visible’ zoom mode added along with comment sorting by options such as Page, Type, Author, Date, Status, Check Status and filtering. As mentioned above, our Web form UI has also been given an overhaul with new shortcuts added to perform actions such as activate/deactivating the current form field, new form field property editing which we list in the release blogpost.


We’ve updated Vue.js/AngularJS/React.js documentation to include merged-addons, as well as updated error code enumerations in the API references. View our updated documentation here.

PDF SDK for Web has also been fully revamped and the full developer guide is available here.


We’ve created a changelog for PDF SDK that details the updates from 6.x onwards. Take a look at the changelog here.


We’ve revamped the comparison demo as well as brand new demos for functionality such as Image2PDF, watermarks, searching and more to show you how to get the most out of our new features. Download our SDK here and take a look.