Foxit PDF SDK 7.1

We now support iOS 13 Dark Mode and have added a number of UI level improvements, support to play and flatten sound annotations, functionality to manage trusted certificates for signatures and a synchronized update for Xamarin, Cordova, React Native, Kotlin and Flutter!

Foxit PDF SDK 7.1 for Windows, Mac & Linux comes with support for PDF compliance conversion to PDF versions 1.3-1.7, new performance-enhancing APIs for PDF merging, video/audio annotations, improvements to XFA form fields and much more.

New in PDF SDK 7.1

iOS 13 Dark Mode now supported 

iOS 13’s latest appearance option comes with a darker color palette for easier viewing on the eyes. The Foxit PDF SDK team have been working hard to add this option to our PDF SDK for iOS and it’s now ready. It’s a clean, sleeker appearance that looks great with the iPhone’s black edges and can save your battery too. Take a look at iOS Dark Mode below.


New APIs and improvements 

We’ve made lots of enhancements since our last release on our APIs, and even added some new ones!


PDF SDK 7.1 comes with new APIs for PDF merging functionality to improve the performance of the merging feature and additional parameters for page extraction and new document insertion. We’ve enhanced our PAdES signature functionality which now means the demo is independent of third-party signing libraries, expanding your range of options when it comes to implementation. There’s also an API to extract text under text markup annotations and support for getting module license information.


Additionally, there are new APIs exposed from our core engines to set our font mapper handler, meaning if a valid custom font mapper callback is set to Foxit PDF SDK, it will use this callback first when mapping a font, also retrieving font character information of a specific character and more.

UI enhancements for mobile users

PDF SDK 7.1 comes with a number of UI improvements for iOS and Android:


  • Support for “Save as” feature
  • Support for setting Text/Checkbox field styling
  • Support for freeform rotation for Stamp annotation
  • Functionality for reading/playing sound annotation
  • Functionality to manage trusted certificates for signatures including viewing trusted certificates, adding unknown certificates as trusted certificates and deleting trusted certificates

PDF compliance conversion to PDF standards 1.3-1.7

PDF SDK now supports PDF conversion to PDF standards 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7. This means you can now meet various industry-specific compliance requirements for PDF. Transparency is supported in all of these versions except 1.3, so if your original PDF file contains transparency data, it will be converted to PDF 1.4 instead.


We’ve also provided a demo for this conversion which you can find in the developer guides here.

For a detailed list of all PDF SDK 7.1 updates, check out our brand new changelog here.



We have updated PDF SDK with Xamarin, Cordova, React Native, Kotlin and Flutter in a unified release that ensures consistency on all platforms for our SDK. The underlying code of the plugins has been updated with the latest build of Foxit PDF SDK for Android/iOS, which provides all of the advanced functionality exposed to the framework projects.

XFA Form Field Enhancements

Our XFA forms now support the following:

  • Checking on/off status of edges (top, bottom, left, right) and corners
  • Getting tooltip information for an XFA form field
  • Getting alignment and justification properties for an XFA form field
  • Getting tab order for XFA form field


New documentation added to the main developer guides for extracting text content under text markup annotations, how to create cross-platform .NET Core projects that can switch DLLs based on the platform, how to make PDFs compliant when converting PDFs, how to create your own project with Xamarin, and many more to help you get started with customization are now available. View our updated documentation here.

Sound Annotations

PDF SDK 7.1 now supports sound annotations. The following features are supported:

  • Number of bits per sample value per channel
  • Count of sound channels
  • Name of the sound compression format used on the sample data
  • External sound files
  • Encoding format for the sample data
  • Sampling rate
  • Stream of sound data


We’ve created a changelog for PDF SDK that details the updates from 6.x onwards. Take a look at the changelog here.


We’ve added new demos on how to build a sample demo without having to run the batch script, conversion of PDF to keep them compliant and many more to show you how to get the most out of our new features. Download our SDK here and take a look.