Foxit PDF SDK 7.4

Foxit PDF SDK 7.4 comes with loads of new features and enhancements. In our desktop SDK we’ve added support for a much-requested PowerPoint to PDF conversion as well as a brand- new add-on for printing. We’ve also created a plain C version of our API for developing wrappers to Python, Delphi and other C-based languages, and many more upgrades below.

For mobile, we’ve added Foxit PhantomPDF’s Fill & Sign UI feature to our iOS and Android SDK as well as PDF/A compliance upgrades.

On the Web viewer side, we now offer a PDF form designer to meet all of your text and signature needs, a huge range of annotation enhancements including a collaboration annotation sync, new area and perimeter measurement tool. There’s also Web performance enhancements to get the most out of PDF SDK.

New in PDF SDK 7.4

Plain C API added to PDF SDK

Foxit’s PDF library now comes with new API language support for C with Windows. Whether you have a low-level application and wishes to add PDF editing capabilities to it, developer you are a developer looking to add Foxit PDF SDK to your Delphi, Python and other C software, our C version of the SDK provides more convenience and usability with your favorite frameworks and platforms. Trial Foxit PDF SDK for Windows C and see the full potential of the SDK using C.

PowerPoint to PDF conversion 

With PowerPoint to PDF conversion, all you need to get started is Microsoft Office installed on your machine. Enjoy a host of document workflow benefits with this add-on including better document portability, image/graphics consistency as well as more free space on your server in the latest version of PDF SDK. With our previous release, we added Word/Excel to PowerPoint conversion meaning we now support 3 of the most popular Office formats.

Major Printing API upgrades

Our print APIs have had a major overhaul and a series of new methods were introduced into PDF SDK 7.4. With auto page scaling/rotation and advanced print job control, you can use our library (C interface) with any programming language. The new APIs are easy to understand and to use, requiring much less coding to achieve advanced printing workflows.

Layout Recognition Engine 

Foxit PDF SDK now has one of the most advanced parts of Foxit’s document layout and recognition core engine, used by PhantomPDF’s accessibility functionality. The powerful layout recognition class scans your entire documents and outputs the content of all pages in a comprehensive structure accessible to your own application. Create workflows using the engine and maximize your application’s PDF processing potential.

PhantomPDF’s Fill & Sign feature now at UI level

We’ve added Foxit PhantomPDF’s fill and sign feature to our mobile SDK UI to allow you to create signatures and add them directly to PDF pages. You can sign a PDF using a digital signature and turn your digital signature into a digital ID.


PDF form designer for Web

You can now design form fields with our Web-based JavaScript PDF library using the viewer toolbar. With signature and text fields added to the Web SDK UI, you can create forms that meet your document needs. Hide fields, make them read only or required, lock fields, and control the appearance with our PDF forms. Check out the upgraded demo here.


For a detailed list of all PDK SDK 7.4 updates, check out our changelog here.


Merging with a single method: CombineDocument

With the new CombineDocument method, you can easily merge files without excessive coding and processing. Make it simple for you and your customers to understand the functionality and build more intuitive document management solutions.

Major annotation upgrades

We’ve put a big focus on annotation enhancements in our Web PDF library for this release and you can now move a selected annotation object across pages, display annotation contents on mouse hover, as well as use the new annotation APIs such as pdfViewer.initAnnotationIcons(icons); which sets the custom initial stamps list, pdfViewer.addAnnotationIcon(icon); which adds a single custom stamp, pdfViewer.removeAnnotationIcon(type,category,name): which removes a single custom stamp, and pdfui.getAnnotationIcons(annotType,onlyCustomized): which retrieves the custom stamp.


We’ve updated Vue.js/AngularJS/React.js documentation to include merged-addons, as well as updated error code enumerations in the API references. View our updated documentation here.

PDF SDK for Web has also been fully revamped and the full developer guide is available here.


We’ve created a changelog for PDF SDK that details the updates from 6.x onwards. Take a look at the changelog here.


We’ve added new demos on rendering PDF with color separation, layout recognition, setting the PDF page size by using an image’s width/height, added the PowerPoint to PDF feature to the office2PDF demo to show you how to get the most out of our new features. Download our SDK here and take a look.