XFA to PDF Conversion

XFA Forms are XML-based forms wrapped inside a PDF. Securely capture, present, move, process, output, update and print information associated with static and dynamic XFA forms. Simplify data sharing, transportation and availability with XFA. Enjoy added functionality to PDF Forms so anyone can open calendar windows to chose dates, submit data easily or encrypt data upon submission to protect personally identifable information. If forms are hugely important to how you do business then this add-on is worth investing in.

What’s in Foxit PDF SDK’s XFA add-on?

Export/import data

If the aim of your form is to collect customer data and add it to your database, or vice versa, Foxit’s PDF library makes this an easy task.

Reset/Submit data

Once an XFA form has been filled out allow customers to either reset the form and start again, or submit details to be viewed by others.

FlattenĀ Forms

Once filled out flatten a form so no one can make any further changes to it. Keep content safe with this simple security feature.

Edit Form Fields

Edit form field properties to quickly and easily update forms without needing to resend or reissue forms internally or externally.

Create Form fields

Create or add more forms fields to an existing XFA document quickly and easy.

XFA – PDF Conversion

Convert XFA forms to PDF and back again effortlessly to allow ease of sharing.

Deploy large forms rapidly

Extract XML data from an XDP file

Global updates once changes happen


Integrated XFA Forms in Insurance

Insurance companies need to collect a lot of information in order to give customers accurate quotes and great service. Collecting this information can be time consuming and requires a lot of manual labor. With Foxit’s XFA PDF Library importing and exporting data from your database limits the amount of manual extraction needed, cutting costs exponentially over time.

Form Filling in Healthcare

GPs, hospitals and clinics all carry out thousands of medical tests and keep in-depth notes on patients that can easily get filed incorrectly. Use PDF forms to collect information that can automatically be added to a database once submitted as a form. Patients andĀ their health insurance provider can recieve notes automatically without wasting administration time.

Responsive forms on Mobile

More people are using their mobile devices to fill out forms and purchase online. Foxit PDF SDK has the reflow ability to make viewing and filling out forms fluid and easy across all platforms, with a great user experience to bring them back again and again.

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