PDF Compression and Conversion

Leverage our conversion and compression technology to speed up file conversion and archiving. Convert TIFF, JPEG, Word, Email, HTML, ASCII text and more to file formats including PDF and PDF/A.

What’s in Foxit PDF SDK’s Compression and Conversion add-on?

Introduce PDF into Workflow

Our document compression makes archives compact and reduces storage costs & bandwidth requirements.

Lasting operational stability

Foxit’s Compression PDF SDK is used by many customers worldwide and is praised as being stable and scalable.

One format for all your documents

We turn all your data – whether scanned or digital – into a single unifying file format.

Text recognition

All PDF and PDF/A files are fully text searchable so you can anything you need in them.


Foxit’s SDK produces standardized file formats including PDF and PDF/A, making the software fully ISO-compliant.

Less Manual Administration Work

Storage Savings for Digital Documents

Security of Personal Information


File Conversion in Document Management

Convert any file type to PDF with our conversion servers. Our technology can convert more files types than any other company making document management system safer in our hands. Centralize invoices, forms, faxes, and emails into a standard long-term format, ensuring that your employees can reliably access, read, and process the content.

PDF in Publishing

While most industries are concerned with digitizing paper documents, the publishing industry wants to ensure digital documents produce true-color, high resolution, infinitely repeatable prints. The ubiquity of PDFs, their accessibility, and their suitability for printing and pre-printing workflows have made them the go-to format for the industry, and that their quality and consistency during exchanges is critical to efficient operation.

Blueprints as PDF in Engineering

Foxit caters for the engineering industry with the ability to convert AutoCAD and other representative file types into PDF documents. Display documents in a standardized fashion irrespective of the IT system used to generate them within the business, their original format, or their original source. This makes project management and real-time reporting possible in such a fast paced industry.

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