Cutting-Edge Collaborative PDF Technology

Leverage Foxit’s cutting-edge technology that powers document intelligence, security and collaboration services, programmatically, for PDF files. Secure files, access analytics, and collaborate in real time, all within one SDK. Quickly and easily understand how users interact with documents after publishing to get the most out of customers. Work together on and share documents without worrying about security and version control with ConnectedPDF.

What’s in Foxit PDF SDK’s ConnectedPDF add-on?

ConnectedPDF Intelligence

Simply and easily track and understand how readers use documents after they are published to better management data.

Convert to ConnectedPDF / ConnectedPDF DRM

Convert and save normal PDF documents as ConnectedPDFs so teams can work together on projects.

ConnectedPDF Packaging

ConnectedPDF is available in different packages to meet the differing privacy needs of each organization.

Open Document Collaboration

Sensitive Information is safe

Document Version Control


Collaborative Team Work in Compliance

It is important in compliance to take a lot of different viewpoints into account. While sharing documents across the business is vital to do this, unauthorized personnel can be help privy to this information. ConnectedPDF can protected files from unauthorized access with the click of a button.

Effective Communication in Engineering

Let more than one person give feedback on a document at a time to increase the efficiency of your team with ConnectedPDF. Foxit technology allows team members to view and comment on documents in real-time making for fast reiteration and project feedback.

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