The insurance sector has not received the same external or regulatory incentives to digitize as, say, the financial or healthcare sectors. However, switching to digital documentation systems still reduces costs, reduces wastage and reduces time spent on administration – and by switching earlier rather than later, you can stay ahead of your competitors.


Improve communication between clients, brokers and agents

PDF technology can greatly simplify the collection of client information. By entering information directly into PDF forms, or allowing clients to access an intake form through a secure portal, the intake fields can then be used to programmatically populate databases and claim documents.

As well as collecting information from clients, using a PDF SDK can let companies build applications to securely share documents with clients, agents and brokers. With security features such as password protection, locking documents from changes while allowing annotations, access monitoring and restriction, all involved parties can easily access policy and claim documents without sacrificing confidentiality.

The US and Europe have strict regulations regarding verifying the identity of a client during financial transactions, which covers insurance transactions. Integrating digital signature and digital signature verification to your applications improve client trust and provide a clear paper trail in case of a dispute.


Modernize existing document management systems

While some sectors such as government, healthcare and finance have experienced regulatory incentives to convert to digital documentation, insurance has not received the same pressure.

This means more companies have been slower to make the change, with many still dealing with paper records or legacy document management systems. OCR tools, included in Foxit PDF solutions, can convert paper records to fully searchable text, and can make short work of the largest paper file systems.

Using Foxit PDF editor, or by embedding editing functions into in-house applications, new documents can be created directly in PDF without risking the changes in formatting associated with document conversion. Existing documents can also be edited, annotated, split and merged with just a few clicks.


Speed up claims processing and procedure workflows

Automation and streamlining of workflows is where developing in-house applications rather than using an off-the-shelf solution offers the most opportunity for improvement and efficiency.

Switching client intake to PDF forms mean the form fields can then be extracted and used to populate other documents. Workflows can be programmed so each document is automatically sent to the correct person for consideration, comment or signing.

Just adopting digital signatures, for example, can reduce document turnaround time by up to 80%. By programmatically manipulating the paths documents take through your company, human error and time lost to repetitive administrative tasks are minimized.

Foxit PDF SDKs contain tools to integrate any new applications with existing software and workflows, further increasing efficiency.


Foxit PDF SDK is the gold standard for enterprise-class applications, whether cloud, mobile, web, or desktop-based. Chosen by Google to be the underpinning technology for their open-source PDF engine, it arms developers with the tools to improve operating efficiency, improve client communication and modernize documentation systems.


  • Streamlined and automated processes and workflows

Reduce document turnaround time and administrative burden by automating form filling, introducing digital signatures and programmatically controlling the flow of documentation.

  • Simplified paper processes

Client intake, document signing, and data entry can all be simplified using PDF applications, saving hours of staff time.

  • World-class security features

Trusted by major corporations in all sectors, Foxit PDF SDK comes numerous security libraries. Secure signing with PSI, Information Rights Management (IRM) integration, encryption/decryption, password protection, access monitoring and restrictions Р Foxit arms developers with the tools needed to develop ultra-secure applications.

  • All-in-one solution

Foxit PDF SDK is a single solution for everything application developers need to manipulate PDFs, simplifying costing and vendor contracts. Capabilities include:

    • Document management and auto-edit functions, such as text editing, printing, text manipulation, search, and search and replace
    • Singular and bulk application of stamps, watermarks, and annotations.
    • Document signing with handwritten PSI signatures
    • Programmatic modification of metadata and properties
  • Developer support at every step

More than just a software development kit, Foxit offers comprehensive developer support at every step. Demos and sample code are provided to help developers our staff are on hand to help integration with existing programs and workflows.


Key facts

  • Streamlined and automated processes and workflows
  • Simplified paper processes
  • World-class security features
  • All-in-one solution
  • Developer support at every step