PDF Technology White Papers

Our white papers help you to understand the real value of PDF technology in your industry. Check out how we can help your company become more efficient and productive.


PDF Technology – How it can Transform Security in Banking: Banks spend 3 times more on IT security than non-financial organizations. Whether you are a retail bank, mortgage bank, commercial bank or otherwise, you can incorporate PDF technology into your workflows. This paper shows you how PDF can transform security for your company.


Digitalizing the Engineering Industry: PDF technology has helped software providers develop applications for engineering and construction companies to help them become more productive and time efficient while also being fully compliant with many types of regulations. Learn more about how PDF can help your company.

Document Management

Current State of the Paperless Movement: This white paper is the result of conducting research among our customer database. It was created to discuss the idea of a paperless office within all industries across the world. In it, we discuss the findings of our research and how to overcome common office issues that organizations have when trying to become paperless.