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Greener, faster, postage – How Zelená Pošta uses Quick PDF Library

Zelená Pošta is the only company that delivers hybrid mail service and recipient conversions to electronic mail available to everyone everywhere thus reducing the need to stand in a post office queue.

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Slovakian company Zelená Pošta – “Green Post” – have reduced postage costs by 60% and reduced the need to stand in a queue at a post office to mail your post. The idea is simple: you send your letters to them in .PDF format, they print them, put them in an envelope, and send them out for you. No more waiting in line, no more digging around for stationery, and much, much less printing.

Not just for outgoing mail, Zelená Pošta is also expanding their service in the other direction. You can also sign up to receive your paper mail to your email as soon as the sender joins Zelená Pošta’s network. They are taking the concept of the paperless office to the next level.

PDF as king

With PDF still king of electronic documents, Quick PDF Library 13 by Foxit Software was the natural choice for their developers. Adrián Csuba, CEO at Zelená Pošta says, “In our scenario, we have a node-webkit application that starts an external process when compiling PDFs. This external process is implemented in C++ and uses the library to split, merge, print and sign the PDF files.”

“The application downloads this executable file from our server whenever a newer version is available. For us, it’s easier to maintain C++ application then the Delphi one, that’s why we are interested in the LIB version of the Quick PDF Library.”

Saving time and money

While Zelená Pošta is working hard to save time and money for their customers, Quick PDF Library works hard to save time (and money) for them. Its efficiency gives them a huge advantage when manipulating large source files.

“We use the library to create multiple PDF documents from a single PDF file. With other solutions, the performance of this approach usually drops dramatically with 1000+ page source documents. With Quick PDF Library, the performance is much better; my test case finished in 50 seconds, which is 60% faster than the workaround.”

Quick PDF Library is regularly updated with new features with expanded functionality, helping companies like Zelená Pošta stay ahead of the competition.

Their verdict?

“Your library is awesome and we’ll keep evaluating over the next few weeks to try the newest version.”


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60%+ Decrease in the cost of postage over traditional methods
QPL is 60% faster than the workaround
Best-in-class performance when working with 1000+ page source docs