In October 2018, Foxit is released PDF SDK for Web 6.1. The release was aimed at providing professionals, in the office and the field, with more control over their blueprints, maps, schemes and all around layered PDFs, in browser applications in all types of devices.

The highlight in Web 6.1 is the introduction full PDF layer support which allows you to dissect documents, focusing only on the areas that matter and removing all the noise around them. You can hide and shows layers at any point, just by checking and unchecking them on the left side of your PDF viewer.

Additionally, 6.1 introduces:

  • Enhanced, flawless, zoom up to 600% so you can focus on what matters
  • More control over your comments with Full Customization Features (programmatic and in-app) of annotation and shapes (colors, outlines, etc.)
  • Seamless Form Data Import and Export (XDF and FXDF) to make your form data easily accessible, both ways
  • The ability to Split Pages out of a document, or what’s the same, to create new documents from a given subset of pages in the main document

Start making use of Web 6.1 by downloading a free, 14-day trial today or talk to sales about your project.

Layer Support and Zoom

Foxit PDF SDK for Web 6.1 introduces the ability to show and hide layers in your PDFs from the viewer while providing the best rendering performance in the market. Our zoom ratio has been enhanced to up to 600%.

Manipulate Shape Objects and Annotations

The new release also allows you to do more with your annotations, with enhancements that allow you to customize the appearance of shapes and annotations.

Shape Objects

  1. Set Color for Shape Outline and Content
  2. Set Opacity of Shape
  3. Get Shape Object Position on Hover
  4. Set Line Thickness


  1. Set Color for Annotation
  2. Set Opacity

Seamless Form Data Import/Export

When dealing with customer or field information in forms, there is nothing more important than the ability to easily move such data to your database or CMS and back. By leveraging the power of XML-based files (XDF and FXDF), PDF SDK for Web 6.1 allows you to seamlessly handle form generation, viewing, filling and submission.

Split Pages

A next-level viewer that offers easy-to-use technical, efficient and outstanding functionality. We have just added more page handling control with the Split Pages by Range function. Easily create new PDFs from your existing document pages and have in your hands the ability to automate your process, create patterns for splitting and organizing your documents.