Just released! Foxit PDF SDK 7.5 comes with extended layout recognition support for Windows/Linux/Mac, added languages with Android Xamarin, new Web PDF library features for annotations and forms including new classes ‘PDFControl’ and ‘Widget’ for controlling types, appearance and much more.

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Here are Foxit’s five areas of expertise

Engineering PDF SDK

PDF technology helps engineering companies develop applications to help them become more productive and fully compliant.

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Insurance PDF SDK

Our PDF library allows for a level of automation within insurance which can make your workflows seamless and comprehensive.

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Banking PDF SDK

PDF technology is an integral part of banking from creating statements in PDF, to digital signing in banking applications.

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Document Management PDF SDK
Document Management

Our PDF SDKs provide better rendering and security for document management companies across the world.

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Compliance PDF SDK

Compliance can be a whirlwind of emotions for companies but we can make life easier with our complete feature list.

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Foxit’s last release of 2020 comes with lots of new features and upgrades. With our desktop SDK, we’ve extended layout recognition support to now include Linux and Mac (as well as Windows), additional rich text support for free text annotations, HTML2PDF functionality now allows cookie loading straight from memory and many more upgrades.

On the mobile side of this release, you can now add languages with Android Xamarin with just 2 lines of code, autosave flags for automatically saving signed documents and loads of new demos for search, shapes, watermarks and image to PDF conversion to make your developing faster to market.

For our Web PDF library, we’ve added new features for annotations and forms including new classes PDFControl and Widget for controlling types and appearance, extended support for screen annotations and automatic calculations in form fields. Finally, we’ve also added CSV and TXT file format support for form importing and exporting.

Foxit PDF SDK technology is trusted by some of the world’s LARGEST Companies

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  • Over 200 developers
  • Dedicated Solution Engineers located globally
  • 15 year development history
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  • 330 Million end users
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Our Core API makes developing in multiple platforms at once easier and faster

Development Frameworks with Support

Simple core api

Our Core API is designed from the ground up to deliver a seamless development experience acrosss all platforms, without requiring deep PDF knowledge.


Foxit is known for our management of edge cases, and for working with 100% of PDF files across all standards. With only one SDK to work with, you dramatically reduce your exposure to third parties.

Thoroughly documented

We provide sample projects, demos, API docs and more for every single feature in the PDF SDK to get you up to speed quickly.


Foxit’s team of Sales Engineers are PDF experts and coders by trade.

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They will assist you all throughout your proof of concept process.


Developer documentation for all of our SDKs. Everything you need to know to start your project.


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Introducing Foxit PDF SDK 7.5

Introducing Foxit PDF SDK 7.5

We’re proud to announce Foxit PDF SDK 7.5 to our customers. Our final release of 2020 comes packed with new features, enhancements and further upgrades. Read on below for more information on this update. Highlights: LAYOUT RECOGNITION ENGINE EXTENDED TO MAC AND LINUX...

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